checkout chick

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From checkout (a place at a supermarket where transactions take place) + chick ((slang) a girl or woman).




checkout chick (plural checkout chicks)

  1. (chiefly Australia, New Zealand, informal) A supermarket cashier.
    • 2005, Melody Carlson, Fool′s Gold: Color Me Consumed, unnumbered page,
      As I set my purchases on the counter, I forget myself and slip into my old Aussie greeting and say “G′day!” to the middle-aged Asian checkout chick. She looks at me curiously but just starts adding up my purchases, then finally proclaims, “$148.76.”
    • 2005, Anna Krien, Trouble on the Night Shift, Robert Dessaix (editor), The Best Australian Essays 2005, page 305,
      Checkout chicks are hassled into letting their family pass through the register without paying.
    • 2006, Ben Elton, Chart Throb, Black Swan, 2007, page 354,
      ‘Passenger! It′s like Roy Orbison had teamed up with a checkout chick from Tesco′s.’
      ‘Except I′m sure some checkout chicks can sing,’ Beryl added.

Usage notes[edit]

Usually refers to a female cashier, but may also be used of a male.