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From chert +‎ -y.



cherty (comparative chertier, superlative chertiest)

  1. (geology, mineralogy) Containing chert.
    • 1879, James Stevenson, Illustrated Catalogue Of The Collections Obtained From The Indians Of New Mexico And Arizona In 1879[1]:
      Rudely shaped, of hard cherty rock, flat on the inner face, convex on the back. 2759.
    • 1913, Charles Darwin, A Naturalist's Voyage Round the World[2]:
      Its mineralogical constitution is not simple; in some parts the rock is of a cherty, in others of a feldspathic nature, including thin veins of serpentine.
    • 1998 February 6, Chia-Wei Li et al., “Precambrian Sponges with Cellular Structures”, in Science[3], volume 279, number 5352, DOI:10.1126/science.279.5352.879, pages 879-882:
      It is represented by a phosphate-dolostone sequence in Wengan, where it is 33 to 55 m thick and consists mainly of dark phosphate, cherty phosphate, chert, and gray dolomite.