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  1. (costermongers' slang) Used as a salute or word of praise.


chi-ike ‎(plural chi-ikes)

  1. (Britain, obsolete) A hearty, often light-heartedly sarcastic, greeting.
    • 2006, Edwin James Milliken, Patricia Marks (editor), The ′Arry Ballads: An Annotated Collection of the Verse Letters by Punch Editor E.J. Milliken, page 95,
      I lifted my lamps and saw BILLY. We did a good chi-ike, you bet!
      “Watcher, BILLY, old buster!” says I, []
  2. (slang, obsolete, Australia, New Zealand) A noisy hubbub


chi-ike ‎(third-person singular simple present chi-ikes, present participle chi-iking, simple past and past participle chi-iked)

  1. (Britain) To mock or jeer; to chiack.
    • 1924, Neville Braybrooke (editor), Causeway, in, The Wind and the Rain, page 21,
      Uncle Frank wouldn′t have liked it, and I knew how the chaps would laugh and chi-ike me for chumming up with a silly old Chinky.
    • 1939, Nicholas Monsarrat, This Is the Schoolroom, 2000, page 8,
      Round about us windows began to bang upwards; a policeman on the corner looked away, pretending not to hear; a couple of tarts started to chi-ike us and then shut up suddenly.


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