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Of unknown origin, but probably derived from or influenced by the brand name Chibuku Shake Shake.


chibuli (plural chibulis or chibulies)

  1. (Rhodesia, slang) beer
    • 1989, The War Diaries of André Dennison, page 18:
      In between downing innumerable chibulies [cold beers] at the above outstanding pub, Messrs Hulley, Geddes and Dennison decided that the showgrounds would be just about adequate accommodation for the baby battalion, so the move was undertaken in early November.
    • 2013, Douglas Hubbard, Jr., Bound for Africa: Cold War Fight Along the Zambezi:
      Those brown boot bastards are already in the club sucking up a chibuli," Ormonde growled.
    • 2008, Chris Cocks, Out of Action:
      "Sure. Garikayi!" he called. "Bring some fucking cold chibulis here."