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Alternative forms[edit]


chicken +‎ -ry


chickenry (plural chickenries)

  1. Misspelling of chicanery.
    • 1988, Pingle Jaganmohan Reddy, In search of unity and secularism:
      It is not necessary to advert in any detail to the chickenry adopted by the two Priests who cooked up this theory or the story leading thereto []
    • 1991, Iqbal Ansari Khan, The third eye: glimpses of the politicos:
      [] elaborate tissues of circumstantial falsehood, chickenry, perjury, forgery, are the weapons, offensive and defensive, of the people of []
  2. (rare, countable) A hen house or chicken coop, a place in which chickens are reared.
    • 1857, Maria Honetcombe, “Letters from la Ruche”, in Arthur's Home Magazine:
      Not "by the brook," as Halleck sings, but by the chickenry,
    • 1980, Jyoti K. Parikh, Energy systems and development:
      The bio-gas could also utilize waste from piggeries, chickeneries and human beings.
    • 1994, Samantha Weinberg, Last of the pirates: the search for Bob Denard:
      The chickenry next door, which looked suspiciously small to house a thousand birds, was also a complete wreck.