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From child +‎ -proof.


childproof (comparative more childproof, superlative most childproof)

  1. Designed to be unable for a child to use, operate, or open.
    Because of her arthritis, she always asked not to have childproof caps on her medicine bottles.
  2. Made safe for children.
    They attempted to make the house childproof by covering all sharp corners with soft foam.
  3. Made safe from children; resistant to damage by children.
    After several visits from his darling nephews, Mike's bookshelves were childproof; all breakables and valuable books had been moved out of reach.


childproof (third-person singular simple present childproofs, present participle childproofing, simple past and past participle childproofed)

  1. To make something childproof.
    I debated childproofing my house, but decided against, on the basis that any scars or burns would serve as object lessons in restraint.