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child +‎ safe


childsafe (comparative more childsafe, superlative most childsafe)

  1. Safe for children; childproof or child-friendly.
    • 1987, Kathleen Touw, Parent tricks-of-the-trade
      These stickers are warnings that should be used in addition to keeping all poisonous substances under lock and key or in cupboards secured with childsafe locks.
    • 1998, Barry Leonard, Cyber Risk '97: Conference Proceedings
      Has direct links to update good and bad lists, customized favorites with childsafe sites, easy installation from one CD.
    • 2003, Sharon Batt, Patient no more: the politics of breast cancer
      As the traditional keepers of the family health, women are the ones who pack an apple in their child's lunch, put soap in the bathroom and a childsafe latch on the medicine cabinet.