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china +‎ -ware


chinaware (countable and uncountable, plural chinawares)

  1. Tableware made of china (or porcelain).
    • 1881, George Ashdown Audsley, Keramic Art of Japan[1], page 148:
      According to the Japanese writer, the two first-named mountains and hills, besides several other places up and down Hizen, is made Japanese porcelain or chinaware out of a whitish fat clay, which is found there in great plenty.
    • 1996, Rina De'firenze, Mystery of the Mona Lisa:
      So I turned my attention to setting up my new home, arranging the furniture and displaying Rita's sparkling glass and chinaware on the sideboard.
    • 2011, Caroline Frank, Objectifying China, Imagining America: Chinese Commodities in Early America[2]:
      This book includes a systematic examination of chinawares in over a thousand documented estates from the seaport communities of Salem, Boston, Newport, New York, and Philadelphia from 1690 to 1770.