chips with everything

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Alternative forms[edit]


chips with everything

  1. (Britain, used attributively, usually derogatory) A basic restaurant menu, without much planning or style.
    • 1997, May, The Rotarian, vol. 170, No. 5, Page 24
      It was one of the first to lead the charge to wean Glaswegians away from their "chips-with-everything" habit.
    • 2007, Andy Symington, 'Footprint Andalucía, page 253:
      Mijas village has some excellent restaurants in among the 'chips with everything' establishments catering for the day trippers.
    • 2008, Heidi McAlpin, Belfast In Your Pocket:
      For almost a century, Long's has been serving misers, minions and millionaires its classic chips with everything fast food ....
    • 2009, Hattie Ellis, "Are you being served?", The Times [London], 22 April 2009, section T2, pp. 2-3:
      In the post-chips-with-everything world, here is a selection of what various companies have on the menu ....