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From chrono- +‎ -naut, modelled on astronaut and/or cosmonaut.


chrononaut (plural chrononauts)

  1. (science fiction, dated) A time-traveller.
    • 1972, Amazing Science Fiction Stories, Volume 46, page 119,
      The honour of the final great mistake will go to David Powers, Scientist Chrononaut.
    • 1999, John Guy Porter, Patrick Moore, Yearbook of Astronomy, page 146,
      The conventional view of time travel, however, has the ‘chrononauts’ travelling backwards and forwards in time. But in a more restricted sense we are all chrononauts, on a one-way fixed-speed journey into the future.
    • 2002, José Luis Sanz, Starring T. Rex!: Dinosaur Mythology and Popular Culture[1], page 62:
      This tiny accident, because of the multiplicative effect of unforeseeable circumstances, results in an important alteration in the present time when the chrononauts return — the language is spoken differently and a different President of the United States has been elected.