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From chrono- +‎ -naut, modelled on astronaut and/or cosmonaut.


chrononaut ‎(plural chrononauts)

  1. (science fiction, dated) A time-traveller.
    • 1972, Amazing Science Fiction Stories, Volume 46, page 119,
      The honour of the final great mistake will go to David Powers, Scientist Chrononaut.
    • 1999, John Guy Porter, Patrick Moore, Yearbook of Astronomy, page 146,
      The conventional view of time travel, however, has the ‘chrononauts’ travelling backwards and forwards in time. But in a more restricted sense we are all chrononauts, on a one-way fixed-speed journey into the future.
    • 2002, José Luis Sanz, Starring T. Rex!: Dinosaur Mythology and Popular Culture, page 62,
      This tiny accident, because of the multiplicative effect of unforeseeable circumstances, results in an important alteration in the present time when the chrononauts return — the language is spoken differently and a different President of the United States has been elected.