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Possibly related to chuck (chicken).


chucky egg (plural chucky eggs)

  1. (Britain, regional) A chicken egg, especially a boiled egg.
    • 1986, British Homing World
      And we'll have chucky eggs for dinner and chicken for our tea.
    • 2011, Marilyn Glenn, Our Fragile Lives, Strategic Book Publishing →ISBN
      Maria was spooning runny egg into Alex's eager little mouth. 'There's a good boy. ...You love your chucky egg don't you?'
    • 2016, James C. Lee, The End of the Pier, Troubador Publishing Ltd →ISBN
      So, anyway, for your chucky egg do you want toast soldiers or bread and butter?
  2. (Britain, regional) A term of affection.
    • 1997, Tim Firth, Neville's Island: A Comedy in Thick Fog, Dramatists Play Service Inc →ISBN, page 80
      GORDON. (Almost sadly.) Oh Roy, my poor little chucky egg. No one believes, mate.
    • 2013, Marie Browne, Narrow Escape, Accent Press Ltd →ISBN
      “Hello, chucky egg,” I said.
    • 2015, Jane E. James, The Long Weekend, Troubador Publishing Ltd →ISBN
      How could her father have made a princess out of an ordinary living breathing girl, who was so wholly unconnected with her and her family, when she had only ever risen to being a “chucky egg” or a “little ducky” in his eyes?

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