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Alectoris chukar

Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Hindi चकोर (cakor).



chukar (plural chukars)

  1. A species of partridge native to central Asia (Alectoris chukar).
    • 1892, Ram Bramha Sanyal, A Hand-book of the Management of Animals in Captivity in Lower Bengal[1]:
      The black partridge is very noisy during the spring, which corresponds with its breeding season, and calls loud and incessantly in the morning, at midday, and sometimes even at night; the painted partridge has a pleasant chirping note; the chukar is another noisy bird; its call-note is fully described by Hume.
    • 1937, Monthly Bulletin of the Texas Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, Texas. Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission:
      The climate is dry and at the time the chukars hatch that Is In their favor.
    • 2003, Layne Simpson, Shotguns & Shotgunning[2], page 92:
      I bagged this one on Michigan's upper peninsula. ruffed grouse to be more difficult to hit, but the chukar is the most difficult to get to. I have hunted chukar when they held tight to the point of a dog and the .410 was plenty of gun, but I have also hunted them when the 12-gauge was none too much.



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