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cis- +‎ normative


cisnormative (comparative more cisnormative, superlative most cisnormative)

  1. (LGBT, neologism) Of or pertaining to cisnormativity.
    • 2009, Greta R. Bauer, Rebecca Hammond, Robb Travers, Matthias Kaay, Karin M. Hohenadel, & Michelle Boyce, "'I Don't Think This Is Theoretical; This Is Our Lives': How Erasure Impacts Health Care for Transgender People", Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, Volume 20, Issue 5, September-October 2009, page 353:
      This erasure reflects the priorities, biases, and oversights of writers and publishers who function in a cisnormative system, one in which people are assumed to be cissexual.
    • 2012, Jen Roberton & Emily Milton, "Cisnormative assumptions and queer sex", The Strand (Victoria University), Volume 55, Issue 5, 29 October 2012, page 4:
      Cisnormative assumptions are tied in with discourses surrounding HIV and STIs.
    • 2013, Bailey Dineen, "My Queer Rage", The Cornell Daily Sun (Cornell University), Volume 130, Number 34, 11 October 2013, page 7:
      In a cisnormative world, I could not comprehend the humiliation I felt, at eight years old, when I received a “girl” bike for Christmas, because everything around me reflected the experiences of people for whom the color of their bike somehow aligned with their genitalia.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:cisnormative.

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