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hetero- +‎ normative


heteronormative (comparative more heteronormative, superlative most heteronormative)

  1. Of or pertaining to the practices and institutions that privilege or value heterosexuality, heterosexual relationships, and traditional gender roles as fundamental and "natural" within society.
    Much of the language used when discussing wedding planning is heteronormative, which can alienate homosexual couples.
    • 1997 Summer, Champagne, John, ““Stop Reading Films!”: Film Studies, Close Analysis, and Gay Pornography”, in Cinema Journal, volume 36, number 4, ISSN 0009-7101, JSTOR 1225614, page 82:
      This suggests both that film studies can be heteronormative even when it is analyzing homosexual representations and that close textual analysis is itself structured by heterosexual presumptions and assumptions.
    • 1998 February 28, Holliday, Ruth, “Philadelphia: AIDS, Representation, Organization”, in John Hassard, Ruth Holliday, editors, Organization-Representation: Work and Organizations in Popular Culture, SAGE, →ISBN, OL 8030203M, page 102:
      In the same way, homosexuality and bisexuality will always be seen as problematic in heteronormative organizations.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:heteronormative.


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  1. inflection of heteronormativ:
    1. strong/mixed nominative/accusative feminine singular
    2. strong nominative/accusative plural
    3. weak nominative all-gender singular
    4. weak accusative feminine/neuter singular