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clashy-clashy (comparative more clashy-clashy, superlative most clashy-clashy)

  1. (informal, of clothes, upholstery, etc.) Featuring discordant colours or patterns.
    • 2008, Lisa Papademetriou, Accidentally Fabulous, Scholastic (2008), →ISBN, page 2:
      "You could have borrowed one of Dad's ties," I pointed out.
      "Dad only has striped ties," Kirk said. "I've only got striped shirts. I'm not about to get all clashy-clashy at some fancy party."
    • 2009, Caitlin Moran, "Forget pushy parents, the less you encourage your children the better", The Times (UK), 3 August 2009:
      Nor getting everyone’s “colours” done, so that the high streets won’t be so “clashy-clashy,” and constantly distressing to the more aesthetically sensitive.
    • 2010, Lisi Harrison, My Little Phony, Poppy (2010), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      She told me that just because matchy-matchy wasn't in, it did nawt[sic] mean clashy-clashy was.
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