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From click +‎ wrap, after shrinkwrap.


clickwrap (countable and uncountable, plural clickwraps)

  1. (uncountable) Clickwrap licenses generally.
    • 1997 February 28, Marvin, William D., “Internet CLE in Philadelphia announcement”, in, Usenet[1], retrieved 2016-09-13, message-ID <>>:
      3:00 - 3:30 Electronic Contracting - Electronic Data Interchange - Making and enforcing of agreements online - "Shrinkwrap" v. "clickwrap" Agreements - Encryption for privacy and authentication
    • 2004, Philip Mirowski, The Effortless Economy of Science?
      This curious species of non-publication provoked numerous programmers to post directions on Slashdot for circumventing the clickwrap.
    • 2006, Steve Hedley, The Law of Electronic Commerce and the Internet in the UK and Ireland
      From a legal point of view, use of clickwrap clarifies matters considerably.
  2. (countable, rare) A clickwrap license.