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cliff +‎ -ed


cliffed (comparative more cliffed, superlative most cliffed)

  1. formed by cliffs
    • 1984, Gerald G. Kuhn, Francis Parker Shepard, Sea cliffs, beaches, and coastal valleys of San Diego County: some amazing histories and some horrifying implications, University of California Press, page 3:
      The cliffed coasts are cut mostly in consolidated rock of somewhat uniform material, which usually results in straight coastlines.
    • 1985, United Nations Environment Programme, International Maritime Organization, Oil spills and shoreline clean-up on the coasts of the Eastern African region, UNEP, page 36:
      The abundance of cliffed coasts around the world reflects the major changes that have taken place between relative levels of land and sea in recent geological times.
    • 2003, J. McKee Smith, Coastal engineering 2002: solving coastal conundrums : proceedings of the 28th International Conference, 7-12 July 2002, Cardiff, Wales, World Scientific, page 662:
      In the case of a cliffed marsh edge, wave heights increase at the edge but are dissipated rapidly in the first 10-20m landward of the cliff.