climbing gourami

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A climbing gourami
(genus Anabas, unidentified species)


From climbing + gourami.


climbing gourami (plural climbing gouramis or climbing gouramies)

  1. Any fish of the taxonomic family Anabantidae.
    • 1997, Jeffrey B. Graham, Air-Breathing Fishes: Evolution, Diversity, and Adaptation[1], page 54:
      Ananantidae. This family, known as the climbing gouramis, contains three genera, Anabas (1 species), Cteropoma (at least 25 species) and Sandelia (2).
    • 2000, Ramon Folch i Guillén, Josep María Camarasa, Encyclopedia of the Biosphere: Tropical rainforests, Volume 2, page 157,
      The anabantids, or climbing gouramis (Channa), are adapted to freshwater wetlands.
    • 2001, E. Yu. Krysanov, A. S. Golubtsov, Journal of Ichthyology, Volume 41, Issues 6-9, page 698,
      Eight species of the African climbing gourami genera Ctenopoma and Microctenopoma were karyologically studied using the air-dried method.


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