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co-uncle (plural co-uncles)

  1. of a man, an uncle of one's niece or nephew who is not one's brother; a co-brother-in-law as common uncle to the children of two men's married siblings.
    • 1975, Elizabeth Rawson, Cicero: a portrait, page 195:
      Cicero continued however to write anxiously to Atticus, his co-uncle, about the young man's remarkable gifts and unsatisfactory character.
      [Cicero's younger brother married Atticus's sister, and the couple had a son Quintus; Cicero and Atticus were thus co-uncles to Quintus, the nephew they had in common]
  2. a man's brother, as uncle in common to the children of a third sibling
    My nephew came up for the summer with my brother and co-uncle George.


  • co-brother-in-law (relative to the married siblings rather than to the children; however, this term generally refers to a different relationship, that of two men who marry sisters)

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