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cock +‎ loft?


cockloft (plural cocklofts)

  1. A small attic or garret
    • 1693, John Dryden, "The Third Satire of Juvenal", The Satirs of Decimus Juvenalis.
      For if the lowest floors already burn, / Cocklofts and garrets soon will take the turn.
    • 1716, Alexander Pope, A Further Account of the Most Deplorable Condition of Mr. Edmund Curll, Bookseller.
      All theſe gentlemen appeared at the hour appointed in Mr. Curll's dining-room, two excepted ; one of whom was the gentleman in the cockloft, his landlady being out of the way, and the gradus ad parnaſſum taken down; the other happened to be too cloſely watched by the bailiffs.