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Alternative forms[edit]


co- +‎ differentiation or codifferentiate +‎ -ion


codifferentiation (uncountable)

  1. (calculus) The act or process of obtaining the codifferential of a function, or a function which obtains the codifferential
    • 1997, Bo-Yu Hou & Bo-Yuan Hou, Differential Geometry for Physicists[1], →ISBN, page 113:
      In addition, a is called a co-exact form if the r-form a can be written as codifferentiation of a (r + l)-form β, ie, a = δβ.
  2. (biology) To differentiate in parallel, as in embryonic or evolutionary development
    • 1983, J.M. Williams & C.W. Daniel, “Mammary ductal elongation”, in Developmental Biology[2], volume 97, number 2:
      The codifferentiation of myoepithelium and its basement membrane is associated with changes in the surrounding stroma.

Related terms[edit]