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coencentric (comparative more coencentric, superlative most coencentric)

  1. (rare) Misspelling of concentric.
    • 1946 January, Hamilton, Edmond, “Lost Elysium”, in Weird Tales (Canadian), volume 38, number 3, pages 10–11:
      Goban rose unsteadily to his feet with Cullan's help, and staggered unsteadily across the hall to a pedestal on which was mounted a nest of coencentric crystal globes.
    • 1975, Henry, Zachary A., Instrumentation and Measurement for Environmental Sciences:
      The venturi could be constructed by replacing sections of the 4-ft pipe with smaller pipe and specially constructed converging and diverging cones (either offset or coencentric).
    • 2013, Horowitz, Alexandra, On Looking: About Everything There is to See[1], Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 80:
      Still, we all have a sense of the appropriate personal space around us—a kind of zone of privacy that we wear, even on the social sidewalk. Indeed, we have many coencentric circles of personal spaces, plural