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cohære (third-person singular simple present cohæres, present participle cohæring, simple past and past participle cohæred)

  1. Rare spelling of cohere.
    • 1930, Richard F. Jones, Science and English Prose Style in the Third Quarter of the Seventeenth Century, volume 45, № 4, December, pp977–1,009:
      That all bodies both Animal, Vegetable, and Inanimate, are form’d out of such particles of matter, which by reason of their figures, will not cohære or lie…
    • 1983, Gad Freudenthal, Theory of Matter and Cosmology in William Gilbert’s De magnete, volume 74, № 1, March, pp22–37:
      …and aggregation of matter exist in the Sun, in the Moon, in the planets, in the fixed stars, in fine in all those round bodies whose parts cohære together and…