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colinguist (plural colinguists)

  1. Alternative form of co-linguist
    • 1980, Claude Emerson Welch, Anatomy of Rebellion, page 254:
      The poverty of the Telengana region contrasted with the relative affluence of the Nizam and Hyderabad City; the absence of colinguists in the state administration further reminded Telugu speakers of their inferior status.
    • 2003, John Woods, Paradox and Paraconsistency, page 303:
      After much cogitation, they determine that even making free with possible worlds would not crush this belief, whether their own, or their colinguist's of whatever rank or station.
    • 2015, Joseph C. Miller, The Princeton Companion to Atlantic History, page 195:
      Atlantic ethnicities were specifically negotiated responses to Atlantic circumstances; sometimes one's coreligionists and colinguists were the most advantageous group through which to organize—but not always, or even often, given the radical dispersal and isolation of the individuals captured in Africa.