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Borrowing from Latin colocasia.


colocasia (uncountable)

  1. (uncommon) Taro; eddo.
    • 1913, Paul Popenoe, Date Growing in the Old World and the New[1], page 303:
      He says: "The manner of operating is to plant a colocasia root in a place constantly exposed to the sun, where one can water it abundantly and continuously and protect it from wind."
    • 2002, Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski, The Natural History of Pompeii[2]:
      Dioscorides (2.128) gives a good description of the sacred lotus, which he calls the Egyptian bean (Αἰγύπτιος κύαμος). He calls its root colocasia (κολοκασἰα). Columella (RR 8.15.4), speaking of the colocasia, which he, too, calls the Egyptian bean, says that "the middle part of the pond should be made of earth, so that it may be sown with the colocasia and other green stuff which lives in or near water and provides shade for the haunts of the waterfowl.
    • 2006, Bharat Bhushan, editor, Applied Scanning Probe Methods III: Characterization[3]:
      AFM surface height map and 2D profile showing the dynamic shrinking of a colocasia leaf.



colocasia f (plural colocasie)

  1. taro, elephant ears (plant of genus Colocasia)