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Colius striatus (speckled mousebird)
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New Latin colius, probably from Ancient Greek κολιός (koliós, a kind of woodpecker).


coly (plural colies)

  1. Any bird of either of the genera Colius or Urocolius, endemic to sub-Saharan Africa.
    • 1983, Oliver Luther Austin, Birds of the World[1], page 63:
      First, their feathers grow continuously over their bodies without the bare spaces (apteria) between tracts most other birds have. This condition is shared only by the ostrich, the penguins, and the colies.
    • 1999, Michael A. Mares, Mousebird, entry in Encyclopedia of Deserts, page 378,
      Coliiformes is the only order of birds endemic to Africa. Six species from two genera (Urocolius and Colius) are recognized, all of which are sedentary. Mousebirds (also known as colies) range through sub-Saharan open savannas and are often common in such areas.

Usage notes[edit]

Extant species of order Coliiformes are classified into the genera Colius and Urocolius, both in family Coliidae.


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