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From con- +‎ mixture.


commixture (plural commixtures)

  1. The act or state of being mixed together; a union or mingling of constituents.
    • 1658, Sir Thomas Browne, Urne-Burial, Penguin, 2005, page 4,
      Some apprehended a purifying virtue in fire, refining the grosser commixture, and firing out the Æthereall particles so deeply immersed in it.
    • 1816, On Lighting Coal Mines, Thomas Thomson (editor), Annals of Philosophy, Volume 7: January—June 1816, page 118,
      Of these gases the former become less and less noxious in proportion to their commixture with atmospheric air; the latter more and more dangerous, and liable to explosion, in proportion to the same commixture, in quantities limited to six parts and 12 parts of atmospheric air. No commixture of these different noxious gases will explode.
    • 2007, Percy Lubbock, The Craft of Fiction, page 20,
      They are the various forms of narrative, the forms in which a story may be told; and while they are many, they are not indeed so very many, though their modifications and their commixtures are infinite.




  1. vocative masculine singular of commixtūrus