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Alternative forms[edit]


common sense +‎ -ical


commonsensical (comparative more commonsensical, superlative most commonsensical)

  1. Displaying common sense.
    • 2013, Robert Barnard, Death and the Princess:
      All the bowing and scraping was enough to make a cat laugh, but the Princess took it all in her stride — her demeanour commonsensical (didn't everyone who went by train get this sort of treatment?) and a shade demure.
    • 2015, Kevin K. Kumashiro, Bad Teacher! How Blaming Teachers Distorts the Bigger Picture, page 43:
      And that is precisely the point—frames have the power to obscure the bigger picture, to narrowly and misleadingly define the problem, and to make imaginable only certain solutions. The commonsensical frames of fear, values, standards, and competition make it easy to overlook the deeper problems and to place all blame on teachres.