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Back-formation from nonsensical.


sensical (comparative more sensical, superlative most sensical)

  1. (neologism) That makes sense; showing internal logic; sensible.
    • 1986, Fred D'Agostino, Chomsky's System of Ideas, Clarendon Press, p. 189:
      A nonsensical sentence, then, is one which is inconsistent with S, while a sensical sentence is one which is consistent with S.
    • 1998, William Storm, After Dionysus: a theory of the tragic, Cornell University Press, p. 41
      It contains [] no intrinsic propositions concerning whether its effects are sensical or not.
    • 2001, Alexandra Styron, All the Finest Girls, Back Bay, p. 127:
      There I waited, exiled from the realm of sensical thoughts, for Lou's sons to find me.
    • 2004, John C. Welchman, Mike Kelley: Minor Histories, MIT Press, "Introduction", p. xxii:
      So it starts with the sensical, and through shifts in syntax and cadence, goes completely abstract.



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