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Alternative forms


compromise +‎ -ation


compromisation (plural compromisations)

  1. The act or result of compromising.
    • 1907, Byron Robinson, The Abdominal and pelvic brain, page 151:
      The advance of malignant disease in the organs adjacent to the pelvic brain is so profound in its traumatism and compromisation of structure and function that practically paresis, paralysis or death of its structure and function rapidly ensues.
    • 1920 June 1, Abraham O. Wilensky, “Surgery of the abdomen, exclusive of hernia”, in Progressive Medicine, volume 2, page 81:
      The opening of the glandular abscess, or the removal of the offending gland, is frequently accompanied by some compromization of the blood supply []
    • 1952, Technocracy Digest, number 146-161, page 20:
      This policy is at best being maintained with only superficial aspects of success and through a constant series of compromisations and acts of expediency.
    • 1988, Luke J. O'Connor, Jennifer Seberry, Public key cryptography: cryptographic significance of the knapsack problem : plus exercises and solutions:
      Perfect systems resist inversion through ignorance while imperfect systems are based on the belief that compromisation is beyond the economic means of any interloper.
    • 2008, Paul Cunningham, ‎Miriam Cunningham, Exploiting the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications and Case Studies, Part 1:
      If cryptographic algorithm was compromised it may happens that all of digitally signed documents created before compromization will not be trusted since falsified document which has the same hash value may be created.