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confœderation (plural confœderations)

  1. Archaic spelling of confederation.
    • 1663, Newhavens case stated, section 21: subsection 3; reprinted in:
    • 1858, Records of the Colony Or Jurisdiction of New Haven, from May, 1653, to the Union, page #529:
      But if it be said, as one of yor comittee is reported to express it, that yow must pforme yor pmise to them, as Joshua & eldrs of Israell did to the Gibeonites, doe yow not see the sundry disparities between that vow & yors ? or doe yow indeed make conscience of yor vow to Gibeonites, if you tearme them soe, & wthout regard to yor consciences break yor pmise & most sollemne confœderation to Israelites ?



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confœderation f (plural confœderations)

  1. Obsolete form of confédération.