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Blend of confuse +‎ puzzle.


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confuzzle (plural confuzzles)

  1. (slang, childish) A state of confusion or puzzlement.
    • 1997 May 1, Glenn Hushyn, “Almost done with the semester”, in alt.shoe.lesbians (Usenet):
      I was all in a confuzzle last night after the Ellen show, and my mind was going too fast for my typing skills.
    • 2000 July 6, “Lula” a.k.a “Josie” a.k.a. “Archer-bull”, “Re: FMily [sic.] Take Note was Re: Numbness & pain”, in (Usenet):
      Always glad to clear up confuzzles since too often I only add to them. ;)
    • 2001 November 20, Remus Shepherd, “Re: um... hello? <nervous-wriggle>”, in alt.devilbunnies (Usenet):
      The confuzzle is strong with this one.
    • 2001 December 17, Vince M. “VinceH” Hudd, from, “Re: Blueyonder newserver”, in comp.sys.acorn.misc (Usenet):
      Now, I find if there are any posts to send, it seems to get in a confuzzle and never reaches the point of fetching.


confuzzle (third-person singular simple present confuzzles, present participle confuzzling, simple past and past participle confuzzled)

  1. (transitive, slang, childish) To confuse or puzzle.



Derived terms[edit]