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conglomerate +‎ -ic


conglomeratic (not comparable)

  1. (geology) Of or pertaining to a conglomerate.
    • 1867, The Geological Magazine Or Monthly Journal of Geology[1], page 216:
      The object of this communication was to show that the more or less conglomeratic strata immediately underlying the ordinary Lias limestone on the coast of Glamorganshire, between the River Ogmore and Dunraven Point, do not belong to the Rhætic series, as has been supposed, but to the Lias.
    • 1893, The Jurassic Rocks of Britain[2]:
      The basement-bed is generally the more conglomeratic, containing often large boulders of Carboniferous Limestone in a creamy limestone-matrix; but beds with no pebbles often lie in places directly on the older rock.
    • 1916, Johan August Udden, The Thrall Oil Field[3], volume 2, page 10:
      Above these shales we find a light, soft sandstone, sometimes of conglomeratic or breccioid structure, in moderately thick layers.