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Latin conglomeratus, past participle of conglomerare (to roll together).


  • (noun, adjective)
  • (verb)


conglomerate (plural conglomerates)

  1. A cluster of heterogeneous things.
    • Trench
      A conglomerate of marvellous anecdotes.
  2. (business) A corporation formed by the combination of several smaller corporations whose activities are unrelated to the corporation's primary activity.
    • 2017: "ESAs Publish The List Of Financial Conglomerates"
      The 2017 list includes 80 financial conglomerates with the head of group located in the European Union or European Economic Area, one financial conglomerate with the head of group in Switzerland, one in Bermuda, and two in the United States.
  3. (geology) A rock consisting of gravel or pebbles embedded in a matrix.
    • 1838, Charles Lyell, Elements of Geology, Chapter II:
      A conglomerate, therefore, is simply gravel bound together by a cement.
    • 1871, Fitz-Hugh Ludlow, The Heart of the Continent, Chapter II:
      Everywhere in the river appeared a very remarkable conglomerate, and like the slate in exhibiting all the stages of formation. The matrix was the blue clay of the bank, the rubble was the gravel of the bottom.
    • 1880, [uncredited English translator], The Man who Laughs by Victor Hugo, Book the Third, Chapter I:
      Calcareous lies, slate, and trap are still to be found there, rising from layers of conglomerate, like teeth from a gum; but the pickaxe has broken up and leveled those bristling, rugged peaks which were once the fearful perches of the ossifrage.


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conglomerate (comparative more conglomerate, superlative most conglomerate)

  1. Clustered together into a mass.
    • Francis Bacon
      beams of light when they are multiplied and conglomerate
    • Cheyne
      Fluids are separated in the liver and the other conglobate and conglomerate glands.
    conglomerate flowers
  2. (geology) Composed of stones, pebbles, or fragments of rock, cemented together.



conglomerate (third-person singular simple present conglomerates, present participle conglomerating, simple past and past participle conglomerated)

  1. To combine together into a larger mass.
  2. (business) To combine together into a larger corporation.





  1. second-person plural present indicative of conglomerare
  2. second-person plural imperative of conglomerare
  3. feminine plural of conglomerato