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Blend of congratulations +‎ condolences.



  1. (humorous) Used to express congratulations and condolences simultaneously.
    • 1996 October 31, Dennis Monbourquette, “Re: DemoniK for hire”, in alt.1d, Usenet,
      : And soon to be an eligible bachelor guy!
      Congratudolences, or whatever.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This term is in principle used in reaction to an event that is presented as both positive and negative; however, it is often used ironically, in reaction to an event that is normally viewed only as positive, in order to hint that the event could also be viewed as negative.


congratudolences pl (plural only)

  1. (humorous) Simultaneous congratulations and condolences.
    • 1918–1920, Octavus Roy Cohen, Come Seven, page 354,
      The place was crowded. It was crowded with men who knew Cass intimately. A score crowded commiseratingly around him. “Ise sayin’ tha’s a devil of a trick fo’ a feller's gal to do, Cass — run off an’ make ma’iage with another man!” Cass ducked and tried to get away. Bud Peaglar extended earnest congratudolences. “Bet I woul’n’t stan’ fo’ it if’n I was you, Cass.”
    • 2005, Colin Baenziger, quoted in Mark Woods, “New Clay manager has his hands full”, in The Florida Times-Union, 2005 October 12,
      "When I have friends elected to the city council, I offer them congratudolences," Baenziger said.