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From Latin consobrin(us) +‎ -al.


consobrinal (comparative more consobrinal, superlative most consobrinal)

  1. (rare) Of or pertaining to a cousin.
    • 1835, Robert Sands, The Writings of Robert C. Sands: In Prose and Verse. With a Memoir of the Author, Volume 2[1]:
      Notwithstanding that you are an equivalent to a septuaginarian antiquity, and are, therefore, by divers olympiads, my senior in longevity, the fiducial relationship of my position to the Pecks, Browns, and Smiths, as also to our collateral and maternal connexions, the Devotions, the Curtises, the Peabodys, the Handys, the Stones, the Bulls, and the Blossoms, in conjunction with the profound interest I feel in the destiny of my consobrinal niece, Abishag Peabody Peck, justify me in approaching you in a tone, firstly of expostulation, and secondly of congratulation.
    • 1850, James Hannay, Singleton Fontenoy, R.N.[2]:
      In the case of a very furious attachment, I dare say, she would have abated two avuncular baronets, a consobrinal lord, and a corresponding amount of rent.