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contemporal + -ity or con- + temporality



contemporality (usually uncountable, plural contemporalities)

  1. The quality of being contemporary; contemporaneousness.
    • 1964: Iqbal Academy (Lahore, Pakistan), Iqbal review, volume 5, page 78
      They exist and are contemporaneous. Contemporality does not mean, however, that they occupy the same geo-physical moment of time on the globe.
    • 1988: Brygida Rudzka-Ostyn [ed.], Topics in cognitive linguistics, page 583 (J. Benjamins; ISBN 9027235449, 9789027235442)
      When accepted, it was interpreted not as causation but as contemporality. But contemporality of events is equivalent to companionship: two events which occur in the same time period without influencing or controlling one another can metaphorically be called temporal companions. In cases in which contemporality was difficult to imagine, the informants rejected the combination.