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conversation +‎ -ist


conversationist (plural conversationists)

  1. Someone skilled in the art of conversation.
    • 1914, Sarah Knowles Bolton, Lives of Girls Who Became Famous[1]:
      Witty, learned, imaginative, she was conceded to be the best conversationist in any circle.
    • 1907, Edited by Rev. James Wood, The Nuttall Encyclopaedia[2]:
      BROWN, SAMUEL, M.D., chemist, born in Haddington, grandson of John Brown of Haddington, whose life was devoted, with the zeal of a mediaeval alchemist, to a reconstruction of the science of atomics, which he did not live to see realised: a man of genius, a brilliant conversationist and an associate of the most intellectual men of his time, among the number De Quincey, Carlyle, and Emerson; wrote "Lay Sermons on the Theory of Christianity," "Lectures on the Atomic Theory," and two volumes of "Essays, Scientific and Literary" (1817-1856).
    • 1850, Various, International Miscellany of Literature, Art and Science, Vol. 1,[3]:
      [A] He was expert at fence, had some skill in drawing, and was a ready and eloquent conversationist and declaimer.