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A man from Kolkata, India, wearing cooling glasses (sunglasses)


cooling glasses pl (plural only)

  1. (India) Sunglasses.
    • 2013, Srikumar Koyikkal, “Inorganic Chemicals”, in Chemical Process Technology and Simulation, New Delhi: Asoke K. Ghosh, PHI Learning, →ISBN, section 4.7.5 (Other Types of Glasses), page 158:
      Very high purity fused silica glasses are made, which have negligible thermal expansion. Hence, they are suitable for making items of high accuracy such as space telescopes. Photochromatic (also called photochromic) glasses are those glasses that darken in sunlight. These are useful for making cooling glasses.
    • 2016 November 3, Shruti Suresh, “Gone in 3 seconds: Building demolished using implosive technique”, in Deccan Chronicle[1], Hyderabad, Telegana, India, archived from the original on 29 April 2017:
      A loud implosion and a thick blanket of black smoke are what remained of the twin tower of Prime Trust Heights in Moulivakkam, which was demolished at 6.52 pm on Wednesday. [] "I have an umbrella, cooling glasses, binoculars, water bottle, and I am all set to take a selfie when the building comes down," said Ananth, a class 10 student.
    • 2017, Shipra Agarwal, “Sample Paper 3”, in Mrunal Patel, editor, CBSE Board Class 12 Physics Solved Papers (2008–17) in Level of Difficulty with 3 Sample Papers (Latest Pattern), 4th edition, New Delhi: Disha Publications, →ISBN, page 399:
      Suddenly, Somu took his cooling glasses from his pocket and asked him to wear them and later, Ramu slowly managed to see. Somu advised Ramu on the necessity of wearing sun glasses during summer season.

Usage notes[edit]

Sunglasses is increasingly the more common term.