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Alternative forms[edit]


From coquō.



coquus m (genitive coquī, feminine coqua); second declension

  1. A cook; person who makes food.
    Grumio in culina delicias multas coxit quando coquus erat.
    Grumio used to cook many delights in the kitchen when he was a cook.


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative coquus coquī
Genitive coquī coquōrum
Dative coquō coquīs
Accusative coquum coquōs
Ablative coquō coquīs
Vocative coque coquī

Related terms[edit]


  • Catalan: coc
  • Italian: cuoco
  • French: queux
  • North Italian:
  • Gascon: còc
  • Sicilian: cocu
  • Venetian: cógo
  • Proto-West Germanic: *kok (see there for further descendants)
  • Welsh: cog


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