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Alternative forms[edit]


Latin corpus (body) + sanctum (holy)


corposant (plural corposants)

  1. An electrical discharge accompanied by a corona of ionization in the surrounding atmosphere
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, page 498
      I said the corpusants have mercy on us all; and I hope they will, still. But do they only have mercy on long faces?--have they no bowels for a laugh? ... I take that mast-head flame we saw for a sign of good luck; for those masts are rooted in a hold that is going to be chock a' block with sperm-oil, d'ye see; and so, all that sperm will work up into the masts, like sap in a tree. Yes, our three masts will yet be as three spermaceti candles--that's the good promise we saw.