corpse camp

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corpse camp (third-person singular simple present corpse camps, present participle corpse camping, simple past and past participle corpse camped)

  1. (online gaming) To wait by a player's corpse to target them when they respawn, or when, after respawning elsewhere, returns to reclaim their equipment back from their corpse.
    • 1999 July 21, "malvolin", “Re: The Cry Babies of PvP Server”, in, Usenet[1]:
      You're only corpse camping if your[sic] standing there waiting to attack again when they come for what's left of their gear.
    • 2000 March 1, "D. J. McCarthy", “Re: GM Negligence on Karana!”, in, Usenet[2]:
      The whole reason to "corpse camp" is to wait until the dead character comes back and loots his corpse, so you can kill him again and get another item off his body, right?
    • 2006 April 6, "", “Re: Gaming.”, in, Usenet[3]:
      When you die in battle, you are reborn as a "ghost" in a graveyard and must return to your dead corpse to resurrect. Many players, after successfully killing your character, actually *wait by your corpse* so that when you resurrect (wounded), they can easily kill you again, and again, and again. This is called "corpse camping".