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  1. present participle of game


gaming (countable and uncountable, plural gamings)

  1. The playing of a game or games, including but not limited to video games and games of chance.
    • Philip Schaff
      [] the unprofitable plays, frivolous recreations, sportings, and gamings which are invented to pass away the precious time, and divert the mind from the witness of God []
    • 2013 June 28, Tom Vanderbilt, “The lose-lose logic of the machine zone”, in The Guardian Weekly, volume 189, number 3, page 29:
      The US gaming industry, in a pamphlet called Demystifying Slot Machines […], argues that "slot manufacturers need to build devices for a society with a decreasing attention span and an increasing demand for exciting, fast-paced entertainment, all in a marketplace overflowing with competing entertainment options".
  2. Careful, strategic use of rules to achieve one's purposes, as one would use the rules of a game.

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