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co +‎ self



  1. (neologism, reflexive, nonstandard) Gender-neutral object of a verb or preposition that also appears as the subject, grammatically equivalent to himself or herself.
    • 1983, Ingrid Komar, Living the Dream:
      Co consistently does less than cos share of the Community work. 4. Co absents coself from the Community for more than three weeks [...]
    • 1996, Brett Beemyn, Mickey Elianon, Queer studies: a lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender anthology, page 74:
      At the very least, an individual might have to use different terms to describe coself in a heterosexual context than co uses in a sexual minority context [...]
    • 2004 April 1, "Pieira dos Lobos" (username), "Fern's Story two", alt.magick.serious, Usenet:
      A youngster of my own introduction had been rejected by an object of preadolescent craving and had killed coself by leaping at the ceiling of co's quarters.

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