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counter-canter (plural counter-canters)

  1. (dressage) To canter in a circle, leading with the leg opposite to the direction of the canter.
    • 2005, James Hewitt, Moving On, →ISBN, page 11:
      She used to come to the indoor riding school at Knightsbridge and ride my charger, Foxhunter, which I taught to do counter-canters, extended trots, half-passes and other dressage movements.
    • 2012, William Micklem, Complete Horse Riding Manual, →ISBN, page 151:
      Before you start teaching your horse to do a flying change, you need to be able to perform counter-canter.
    • 2012, Jennifer O. Bryant, The USDF Guide to Dressage, →ISBN:
      Because it challenges your horse's balance and strengthens his outside hind leg, the counter-canter is an excellent gymnastic exercise for improving balance and collection.


counter-canter (third-person singular simple present counter-canters, present participle counter-cantering, simple past and past participle counter-cantered)

  1. To perform a counter-canter.