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counter- +‎ discursive


counterdiscursive ‎(comparative more counterdiscursive, superlative most counterdiscursive)

  1. (social sciences) Opposing or countering a discourse, or institutionalized way of thinking.
    • 2001, Petra Fachinger, Rewriting Germany from the Margins (page 5)
      All of their texts, which were written during the 1980s and 1990s, share an oppositional and counterdiscursive impulse through which they express the possibility of a community different from that offered by the dominant culture.
    • 2003, Dorothy E. Mosby, Place, Language, and Identity in Afro-Costa Rican Literature (page 27)
      Postcolonial analyses of cultural production study counterdiscursive practices in cultures affected by the imperial enterprise, such as the legacy of subjugation and resistance of the black populations of the Americas.
    • 2008, Lesleigh J. Owen, Living large in a size medium world (page 134)
      Overcompensating for anti-fat rhetorics by emphasizing the relative health and beauty of fatness, is I guess, a rather inevitable step in fighting for the rights of oppressed groups by performing counterdiscursive fat perfection.