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counter- +‎ discursive


counterdiscursive (comparative more counterdiscursive, superlative most counterdiscursive)

  1. (social sciences) Opposing or countering a discourse, or institutionalized way of thinking.
    • 2001, Petra Fachinger, Rewriting Germany from the Margins, page 5:
      All of their texts, which were written during the 1980s and 1990s, share an oppositional and counterdiscursive impulse through which they express the possibility of a community different from that offered by the dominant culture.
    • 2003, Dorothy E. Mosby, Place, Language, and Identity in Afro-Costa Rican Literature, page 27:
      Postcolonial analyses of cultural production study counterdiscursive practices in cultures affected by the imperial enterprise, such as the legacy of subjugation and resistance of the black populations of the Americas.
    • 2008, Lesleigh J. Owen, Living large in a size medium world, page 134:
      Overcompensating for anti-fat rhetorics by emphasizing the relative health and beauty of fatness, is I guess, a rather inevitable step in fighting for the rights of oppressed groups by performing counterdiscursive fat perfection.