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counter- +‎ punch


counterpunch (plural counterpunches)

  1. A punch delivered in response to a previous punch by somebody else, such as an opponent in a boxing match.
  2. (printing, historical) A punch used in the cutting of other punches, often used to create the negative space in or around a glyph.




counterpunch (third-person singular simple present counterpunches, present participle counterpunching, simple past and past participle counterpunched)

  1. (boxing) To deliver a punch designed to exploit an opponent's momentary defensive weakness caused by a punch thrown by the opponent.
  2. To deliver a competitive response to an opponent designed to exploit a weakness created by the opponent's offensive efforts.
    • 2009 January 25, Christopher Clarey, “Top-Seeded Jankovic Falls Without a Fight”, in New York Times[1]:
      She stands just a little over 5-foot-6, but her two-handed ground strokes off both wings, inspired by the four-time Australian Open champion Monica Seles, allow her to create sharp angles and counterpunching power.