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Alternative forms[edit]


A variant of curtilage.



courtledge (plural courtledges)

  1. (dialectal, especially West Country, obsolete) A small personal garden surrounding a house; a curtilage.
    • 1710 July 10, George Daniell, “Abstract of the Will of George Daniell [] ”, in John S. Amery; Maxwell Adams; E. Windeatt; H Tapley-Soper, editors, Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries[1], volume 6, J.G. Commin, published 1911, page 75:
      [] and the House and Courtledge now in the possession of Cicely Benver, Widow for her life. (Except a small part thereof given by me by Deed to my Kinsman Elisha Paynter) []
    • 1855, Charles Kingsley, “How Salvation Yeo Slew the King of the Gubbings”, in Westward Ho!: Or, The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, [], volume II, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: Macmillan & Co., OCLC 1000395614, page 113:
      [] and at the back a rambling courtledge of barns and walls, around which pigs and bare-foot children grunted in loving communion of dirt.
    • 1898, Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch, “The Second Ship”, in I Saw Three Ships and Other Winter's Tales[2], Scribner, page 27:
      The house, a square, two-storied building, of gray stone, roofed with heavy slates, was guarded in front by a small courtlage []