couta boat

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From barracouta, a prized food fish.


couta boat (plural couta boats)

  1. (Australia) A type of fishing boat used in Victoria, Australia, until the 1950s, latterly reinvented as a recreational sailboat.
    • 1993, Australian Fisheries Division, Australian Fisheries, Volume 52, Issues 1-6, page 10,
      In those days, fishing was sailing mostly in a 24 four[sic] foot couta boat, hooking couta, flathead and rock cod.
    • 1995, Geoffrey Dutton, Out in the Open[1], page 466:
      I went out barracouta fishing at five-thirty in the morning with Grumpy and his mate Donny, in Denny′s battered couta boat.
    • 2003, Jan Bassett, The Facing Island: A Personal History[2], page 5:
      He had a chicory kiln and a couta boat there, both of which he′d built himself, but in my time he scarcely used them.