cow tipping

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cow tipping (uncountable)

  1. (chiefly US) A fictional pastime wherein a person sneaks up on a sleeping cow and pushes it over.
    • 2005, Duke Rightious, The Official Cow Tipper's Handbook - [1] - "The medieval cow tippers were a rutheless lot, to be sure, with their Knights of the Round Bovine Topplers, and Cowalot...But times changed and so did the fashion and style of cow tipping."
    • 2006, Jeremy Smith, Bum Bags and Fanny Packs: A British-American American-British Dictionary - [2] - "cow tipping v: a high school or college prank of sneaking up to a standing sleeping cow and pushing her over..."
    • 2005, Michael D. Bauer, Linux Server Security - [3] - "If setting up your database server feels like as much work as raising cattle, but with-out the glamor, you may mix business with pleasure and perform some virtual cow tipping: sneak up on your database server and try to push it over."